Feb-March 2014
Audio-visual installation in The 24/7 Window: Lismore Regional Art Gallery, Lismore, NSW, Australia. http://www.lismoregallery.org
arch 2013 (Solo)
Creative participation, design and curatorial role of Inaudible Visions, Oscillating Silences: Acoustic ecologies meet cinema sound design. Northern Rivers Community Gallery, Ballina, NSW, Australia

November 2010
Participation to Synergy 1 + 1 >2, a group exhibition product of a workshop on art & science. SCU, Next Gallery Lismore, NSW, Australia

June 2002
“Byte me”: group exhibition of Digital Art, PHOTOtechnica gallery,Sydney.

April 1999
“Seize”: a multi-media group exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.

March 1998
Video Wall of “Foldback”, a forum and exhibition event of the Adelaide Festival

November 1997
“Art Inter Change”: fundraising exhibition for the Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Sydney

May 1997
“Sounds States Uncertain Destinations” Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts.

March 1997
“Cyberculture ’97″: digital media group exhibition (Casula Powerhouse, Sydney).

October 1996
inclusion to “Deep Screen Diving”, Institute of Contemporary Art, London U.K. Video work.

April 1996  (Solo)
“Epileptograph: the internal journey”: solo exhibition at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne. Multi-media installation.

November 1995  (Solo)
“Epileptograph: the internal journey”; solo exhibition at Artspace (Woolloomooloo, Sydney). Multi-media installation.

June 1994
Printing of a still frame for the Billboard project, the Open Museum, Liverpool, NSW.

* Epileptograph: the Internal Journey at American Neurology Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana (Included in “From the Storm” project)
* Epileptograph: the Internal Journey at the Canadian Academy of Neurology Annual Congress, St Johns Island, Newfoundland, Canada. (Included in “From the Storm” project)
* Epileptograph: the Internal Journey at the American National Epilepsy Association Conference, Washington D.C , U.S.A. (Included in “From the Storm” project)
November 1993
“Epileptograph: the internal journey” in “From the Storm”: multi-media group exhibition, Do While Studio, Boston (U.S.A).

October 1993
“Epileptograph: the internal journey” in “Tekno Viscera”, group exhibition: women and technology. Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane.

May 1993
“Epileptograph: the internal journey” in “Time”, group exhibition/ installation of time based works. The Works Gallery, COFA, Sydney.       

February 1993
“Bits of this, Bytes of that II”, Art and Technology Gallery, Melbourne.

July 1992
Masters of Art students’ semester show; U.N.S.W, COFA, Sydney.

October 1991
OTC Technical Art exhibition, Australian Centre for Photography Sydney.

September 1990
“Virtual Landscapes” Artspace Sydney (Australia).

June 1985 and June 1984
‘ 2 years with the Butchers of the Rungis Markets’: Black and White Argentiques, the Mediatine Gallery, Brussels (Belgium).